Healing Wise
A Wise Woman Herbal

by Susun S. Weed
Paperback - 312 pages
Published by Ash Tree Publishing

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Healing Wise nourishes. Healing Wise springs from love. Healing Wise flows through compassion. Healing Wise is as natural as birth, as certain as death. Healing Wise is the joy of the individual and the strength of the community.

If you think the only health care options are the established scientific way, and alternative methods, it is because the third-an intuitive, individualized way, the unique Wise Woman way-is invisible.

Healing Wise is done with the eyes. Healing Wise is done by hand. Healing Wise is charged with meaning. Healing Wise is in tune with the seasons. Healing Wise is wholing and holy. Healing Wise is letting go. Healing Wise is timing.

Most of the health caring done world-wide, and most of the health care in your own life, is part of this third, invisible tradition.

Healing Wise the ancient ones know. Healing Wise speaks the truth. Healing Wise walks in beauty. Healing Wise says you are the beloved child of the universe. Healing Wise is a deep-rooted oak tree. Healing Wise is a waterfall. Healing Wise is full of smells. Healing Wise is an awe-full mess. Healing Wise is often earthy. Healing Wise is real.

Why do I give words to this invisible, this hard-to-know Wise Woman way? It is time now to see with clarity and wisdom, as crones have always seen.

Healing Wise is green, gold, glancing, rainbows sparkling dancing.

the Wise Woman way heals the planet as well as the people. It is time now for us all to remember how this can be. Time for us to be fully conscious of our choice for ourselves and for our Earth.

Healing Wise is right at your doorstep. Healing Wise is your granny's memories. Healing Wise requires effort. Healing Wise knows change. Healing Wise honors transformation. Healing Wise allows perfection.

The Wise Woman tradition of health care focuses on prevention and on the remedies which are accessible, inexpensive, effective, and safe. It is time now for us to recognize and support the wise old woman in ourselves, our communities, and the global village.

Healing Wise lives inside you. Healing Wise is fun. Healing Wise is a clear course through turbulent waters. Healing Wise: the way of the wise one. Healing Wise: the Wise Woman ways.

The Wise Woman tradition of healing is the thread out of our current medical/legal maze and into heartfelt, wise use of our life resources, with respect for all life and all people. It is time now for us to trust this thread, to name it and claim it. Healing Wise does this.

Healing Wise, the second in my Wise Woman Herbal series, is about the Wise Woman tradition: a way to help us all name, claim, know, acknowledge, recognize, support, and nourish the wise woman within, wherever we see her.

Healing Wise identifies and explains the three traditions of healing: Wise Woman (spiralic), Heroic (cyclical), and Scientific (linear). Understanding the nature of each tradition will help you choose the health care helpers most supportive of your own motivations and health goals. Understanding the viewpoint of each tradition will help you make sense out of conflicting claims about the validity of specific healing substances and procedures.

Healing Wise introduces you to green allies, so you can choose a friend or two to help you through. Each herb talks to you, tells you tales, reveals her uses, and gives you remedies and recipes. Before you know it, the green leaves of chickweed, dandelion, violet, nettle, oats, and seaweeds will be your daily supporters. And, with a bit of effort, you'll have the deep roots of dandelion and burdock to lend a hand when times are hard. It's such a pleasure to share some of my most beloved friends with you.

Here then is Healing Wise, my thanks to the midwives, clowns, artists, storytellers, cooks, mothers, musicians, farmers, herbalists, healers, doctors, and lovers who have shared their lives and wisdoms with me. Here then is Healing Wise, my give-away to the healthy/wholeness/holiness of our planet and every being on it.

(The first book in this series, Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year, is available online at www.ash-tree-publishing.com. It is also available in German through Orlanda Frauenverlag.)

April '89

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