Vital Fertility and Sexuality

by Adelheid Ohlig
Published by Ash Tree Publishing

Fertility Dances

Excerpt pp.107-118

The fertility dance exercises are the feast of LUNA YOGA. Just as you wouldn't give a banquet every day, you don't do fertility dances on a daily basis. Too much of a powerful thing does not lead to good health. In the traditions of the tribal people who originated these (modified) dances, fertility dances and fertility rituals are allowed only at specific, defined times.

These vigorous fertility dances stimulate ovulation, deepen sexual sensation, can bring on menstruation, and improve sperm count and quality. In combination with the Gentle Sensing Exercises they are highly effective when performed as directed.

Any attempt to do these dances will benefit you, but for greatest benefit, look for a teacher who can get you off to a good start. Whether you have a teacher or not, be sure to limit your practice to the times I specify and to the ways I suggest the dances be done. You can, of course choose your own sequence of steps and thus make up your own unique fertility dance.

The fertility dance exercises need to be done with attention to detail. Every motion has meaning: the movements of the arms convey messages, the bending of the head evokes feelings, and the rocking of the pelvis generates and circulates Shakti, the great force of all life.

In the African people I found a delight in movement. I admired their lusty willingness to frisk and caper and to surrender to the impulses of their bodies. And I especially noted their ability to stay in one's own rhythm. Perhaps they took it in with their mother's milk, but it can be learned. We can learn it. We can learn to move freely. We can learn not just about staying with oneself, in one's own center, but also about entering into encounter, about moving in contact and communication with others. We can move with passion and delight, not just to dance on feast days and celebrations, but in our daily lives as well.

When we dance, we must breathe with attention, inhaling and exhaling through the nose. This helps us coordinate the movements of our bodies with the unique rhythm of our breath. Inhale as you open, exhale when you close.

The movements of the fertility dances don't have to be done quickly. If your breathing rhythm is slow, move slowly. However, it is important to keep the movement flowing and uninterrupted, so it can send a strong impulse to the physiological processes of the body, especially to the hormonal system.

Note: If your intention is to hinder implantation of a fertilized egg, you have to execute the dances as soon as possible after fertilization has occurred and at precise 24-hour intervals for the next four days, with forceful exhalation through the nose, and with stamping feet. (See page 127 for full sequence.)

If your intention is to increase fertility, step more lightly, and do the dances only before ovulation has occurred. (See page 125 for full sequence.)

Basic Fertility Dance Stance

Place your feet parallel (neither turned inward nor outward) about hip distance apart. Keep your pelvis relaxed, and your knees slightly flexed (not locked or rigid). Let the shoulders and arms also relax. Maybe it will help you to imagine a chair behind you: assume a posture as if you were about to sit down. Let your breath sink deeply into your abdomen and pelvis. Sense into the stance.

Pelvic Turns

Begin in the basic fertility dance stance, described above. Inhale and bring the hands to rest on the hips. Exhale and turn to the right. Inhale to center. Exhale and turn to the left. Sense into the pelvis. Initiate these turns from your sacroiliac joint, but extend them all the way to the top of the head. Your sacroiliac joint is between your hipbones and your sacrum. You can best feel this little joint when you place your hand on your sacrum and feel with your fingers for the indentations in this flattened bone. Turn left and right and see if you can feel the movement in the joint.

Weight Shifting #1

Assume the basic fertility dance stance, arms relaxed. Breathe fully into the pelvis, letting the abdomen round out. As you breathe, shift your weight from center to back and back to center and to the front and back to the basic dance stance. Keep your center of gravity deep in the pelvis. Breathe and sense thoroughly into your womb.

Weight Shifting #2

Assume the basic fertility dance stance and breathe completely into the pelvis. Shift your weight as far to the right as you can. Return to center. Shift as far to the left as you can. Return to center. Continue, keeping your breath flowing out of a soft, open pelvis.

Weight Shifting #3

Begin in the basic fertility dance stance. Breathe fully, shift your weight to the left, then to the front. Inhale and continue shifting your weight to the right, and then to the back so you've drawn an imaginary small circle in the air (parallel to the floor) with your pubic bone. Do this as one continuous motion, inhaling and exhaling as you shift the weight of your pelvis in a circle to the right. After several repetitions, shift to the left. Sense totally into the pelvis/genitals.

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