Vital Fertility and Sexuality

by Adelheid Ohlig
Published by Ash Tree Publishing

Fertility Dances

Excerpt pp.107-118

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Beginning Belly

Begin by assuming the basic fertility dance stance. You may cross your hands behind your neck, or extend your arms to the sides, or place your hands on your hips. Inhale, keep the back and shoulders still and tilt your pelvis back by pointing your pubic bone toward the floor.

Exhale and rock your pelvis forward by tilting your pubic bone up toward the ceiling.

Next Belly

Assume the basic fertility dance stance, with your hands behind your neck, out to the sides, or on your hips. Breathe into your pelvis and sense deeply and fully. Keep your attention there as you breathe out, relax your left knee, push with your right foot, and rock your pelvis to the left. Inhale and back to center. Breathe out, relax the right knee, push slightly with the left foot, and shift your pelvis to the right. Feet do not move.

Full Belly Roll

Take the basic fertility dance stance, with your arms behind neck, on hips (akimbo), or relaxed at your sides. Inhale and focus fully into the pelvis/hips. Move smoothly to the right, making a small circle with your pubic bone while inhaling. As you exhale, make a forceful pelvic thrust. Inhale and move smoothly to the left, making a small circle with your pubic bone. Exhale with a forceful forward pelvic thrust.


Assume the basic fertility dance stance. Inhale and raise your right arm up, tilt your buttocks backward (point pubic bone toward floor), bend your head back, and stretch the left arm down.

With your exhalation let your head fall forward, tuck your pelvis forward (pubic bone toward the ceiling), switch arms, so the left arm is stretched up and the right arm is stretched down.
Feel the stretch coming from the pelvic floor. Let your attention be finely focused on the abdomen. Try various speeds, always coordinating with your own breathing. Go at a pace you can sustain for many minutes. Yes, slow is fine.

Circus Jump

Stand in the basic fertility dance stance, with relaxed arms. When you inhale, jump out of the basic stance and turn at least half way around with your knees remaining flexed. With your exhalation, come back to the ground - forcefully if you want to bring on menstruation; gently if you want to stimulate fertility. Repeat several times on each side.

Monkey Business

From the basic fertility dance stance, exhale and bend down, letting your trunk rest on your thighs. Head and arms dangle easily onto the floor, palms up. Keep the knees soft and relaxed and at least partly bent. When you inhale, lift your right leg as if to take a step; the knee pushes up on the passive chest, the arm dangles. Exhale and step down; softly for fertility, with a stomp for initiating menstruation. Inhale and raise the left leg, pushing the chest up. Exhale as the foot returns to the floor.

Monkey and Banana

From the basic fertility dance stance, exhale and bend down, resting your torso on your thighs. Do not let the head dangle in this posture; keep the neck extended and in line with the rest of the spine. Stretch one arm to the front, the other arm back. Keep the knees easily bent. When you inhale, take a step forward with one foot, extend one arm and bring the other arm back. when you exhale, extend one arm, bring the other arm back and step back. You can do this exercise all different ways: left arm, left foot; right arm, right foot; left arm, right foot; and right arm, left foot. If you want to bring on menstruation, your step has to be forceful and stomping. Step lightly for support of your fertility.

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