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Hypericum Conference
St. Joan's/John's Wort

Produced by Susun Weed
Sponsored by Ash Tree Publishing

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Virtual Event May 1-10 2023

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EagleSong Gardener

St Joanswort: Living with Windows of Light
Eaglesong Gardner
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As a plant of the zenith, St. Joanswort/St Johnswort, Hypericum perforatum, absorbs and emanates light. Her sturdy, forthright nature, willingness to grow in the most challenging places and overall resilience makes her an ally to call on whenever a sunny window for shifting perspective is needed. Pain relief, improving circulation, an auntie-viral, reducer of inflammation, St Joan carries much in her possibility bag.

EagleSong Evans Gardener dances her mischief in the hedge, the veld, that luminous place between wild and tended. She is a 3rd generation northwesterner raised on salmon and cedar long enough to find a root and love for a place she calls Home. EagleSong is a practicing herbalist in the wise woman tradition and a lifelong gardener. She is most at home cultivating life and watching things grow. Working with apprentices for over 25 years, her “Healing From the Ground Up” community centered herbal apprenticeship is a 9 month journey for the rigorous adventurer. EagleSong is known for her wit and kitchen table wisdom and her incessant need to go outside and play! She stays busy these days weaving the Pacific Women's Herbal Conference back into being and teaching at her home place, RavenCroft Garden and the flumdiddley kitchen school. Learning opportunities with EagleSong can be found online

Eaglesong's Comfrey Conference presentation was:

Comfrey - Past, Present, and Future

Comfrey From the Ground Up: Growing & Using Comfrey on Small Holdings

Comfrey: Preparations for Topical Application

Growing, using, medicine making, topical application and history of comfrey use & research at the Henry Doubleday Association now Garden Organic in England

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