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The Comfrey Conference

Time to End the Fear

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Virtual Event
May 9 - 15, 2022

Brighid Doherty

Comfrey Teaches Right Relationship

What is right relationship?  Why is it important to be in right relationship with people and plants?  Why is right relationship necessary in herbalism?  How can we learn to be in right relationship with comfrey and other plants?  When are we in not-so-right relationship with others and how does that affect us? These questions are answered as we delve into the history of the human-comfrey relationship, the great PA debate, and how to grow, harvest, and prepare remedies with comfrey.  How can we improve and expand our relationship with comfrey as we move into the future?

Brighid Doherty is an herbalist honoring the Wise Woman Tradition of Healing.   For more than two decades, Brighid has worked with plants in a variety of ways; as a student and a teacher, a gardener and a forager, a medicine maker and health consultant.  She has had many herbalist mentors including Susun Weed, Rosemary Gladstar, Katja Swift, and KP Khalsa.  She offers information and inspiration to the home herbalist through herbal workshops, herb walks, and The Healthy Herb Podcast.  Brighid founded of The Solidago School of Herbalism in 2018.  She offers an online course, called Nourish Yourself, teaching how to infuse common herbs, in simple ways, into daily life.  Brighid inspires people to be more self-reliant in their health and healing process.  She teaches how they can bring herbal medicine into their lives by relating to plants in their bodies, kitchens, gardens, and the wild.  

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Produced by Susun Weed
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