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Hypericum Conference
St. Joan's/John's Wort

Produced by Susun Weed
Sponsored by Ash Tree Publishing

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Virtual Event May 1-10 2023

The Hypericum Conference: Time to End the Nonsense
St. John's/Joan's wort
May 1-10, 2023

Hypericum perforatum is one of my favorite herbs. It makes me sad (and mad) to  see it banned, outlawed, and feared. Come on! Let's end the nonsense. Join me, and 21 other lovers of St. John's/Joan's wort, while we share our decades of personal and clinical experiences, thoughts, visions, and research.

There is so much to do at the Hypericum Conference

* Every new day brings new presentations on ways to prepare, use, and think about Hypericum.

* And every day each presenter is available to answer your questions in live a zoom session.

* Check out the Hypericum Shorts: individual videos showcasing lore, literature, experience, and fun with the herb of the sun.   - -  Submit your Hypericum Short here

* Visit the Hypericum Marketplace for St. John's/Joan's wort products, including fabulous t-shirts, in all sizes, even extra-large. (Available after April 1) (Submit your Hypericum ad here: link tba)

* Bring your curiosity to the Hypericum Kitchen and let's see what we can create together. 
    Submit your Hypericum recipe here



~ Lifetime access to The Hypericum Conference is free until midnight March 15.

~ Lifetime access is $49 from March 16 until midnight May 5.
~ After May 5, lifetime access is $99.


Note: Participation in the live zoom sessions is available only during the conference. Zoom sessions will be recorded. The sessions will be added to the conference and available for viewing by May 10.

The Hypericum Conference 
St. John's/Joan's wort 
May 1-10, 2023

©​ Original illustration copyright Durga Yael Bernhard. Do not reproduce without written permission from the artist.

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