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Susun Weed

Green witch and wise woman.

Voice of the Wise Woman Way.

Susun Weed Testimonials

(In response to recent False accusations)
Statement from Susun:

No to blame, no to shame.
No to bullying, no to blackmail.
Stand with me or stand with those who lie.
Trust me or trust people with grudges who live to destroy others.
Mother Teresa faced hatred and did not relent.
My mentor Elisabeth Kubler Ross faced disgrace and stood firm.
To be accused of lying is to have your voice taken away.
To then be lied about is heartless.
It's not often we get to see so clearly how our choices shape our community.
Do you choose the bullies and blackmailers who are threatening you and I and anyone who stands with me?
Is that who you want in your community?
On what basis might you shun me? I have been accused of many things I have never done and would never think of doing.
I have been arrested on fantastical charges, all of which have been dismissed.
The charges make the news: the dismissals don't.


In a shamanic apprenticeship, the shaman manifests the apprentice's shadow, allowing the apprentice to see their hidden angry, uncaring self. This is hard work for the shaman and a total drag for the apprentice. 

The transfer of the shadow to the shaman brings about a false negative transference for the apprentice. At this point, the shamanic apprentice may want to abandon the quest, throw in the towel, and leave. The shaman appears to be terrible, evil, mean, threatening. The apprentice may convince herself that she is in real danger and must save herself. She may tell herself that she has made a big mistake and that keeping her commitment is foolish. Some shamanic apprentices sneak away in the night, consumed by fear, some say they had to leave because Susun terrified them, some declare their intention to leave at talking stick, some remember to call the numerous past apprentices who have agreed to help them through this phase, and a few know how to swallow their pride, step past their fear, and get on with their work. They jump into the fire. 

Susun has seen all these responses and more, and knows how to help you through your negative transference terrors. This is one of the most important aspects of a shamanic apprenticeship. It is important that the prospective apprentice recognizes this, prepares for it and is willing to find a way through it.  An honest, true, heartfelt commitment to the shamanic process is the coin of the realm that gets you through your dark night of the soul.


I want to share, that I have known Susun S. Weed for over 25 years. She  is a unique being and I will always consider her an important teacher in my life. Her methods of teaching can seem harsh but can also be part of an initiation. I can't imagine  Susun would ever drug someone against their will, although being in such a new environment as The WIse Woman Center might leave one feeling altered, as so much of her teachings are new concepts to many. I have eaten many wonderful meals created  by Susun and her apprentices and know that finding and creating food is part of her teaching. 

Brigitte Mars,

Herbalist, Author, University Professor

Boulder, Colorado

Susun, in 2011 I did the green goddess apprenticeship with you and I was transformed, found my voice, was empowered, and most of all, found the love for myself I was always looking for. You are an amazing teacher who can ignite transformation to those who are willing. 
I think of you daily since my stay and am forever grateful for the gifts I received from you, knowing I am more empowered because of my stay at you me home. Thank you Susun.

Tara C. 

"I spent the fall of 1991 living at the Wise Woman Center and apprenticing with Susun Weed.  I was 29 years old, and Susun was the most gifted teacher I'd ever known.  Her teachings were absorbed into my bones and I remembered my own inner knowing.  We feasted on wild pestos, wild salads, homemade goat cheeses and more herbal delicacies than I can name.  I learned to identify, harvest, make medicines and cook with every edible and medicinal plant on her land.  Susun was deeply present, loving, fierce and brilliant.  I learned to speak my truth, celebrate my voluptuous, strong woman's body, and hone my own teaching skills.  Today, at 61, the wisdom I received from Susun is a part of my everyday nourishment.  Susun is a hands-on, powerful teacher.  Her wild, experiential style was truly a blessed match for me.  Thank you Susun!"

Ann Drucker, Fall 1991


©   Susun Weed -Wise Woman Center

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