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Hypericum Conference
St. Joan's/John's Wort

Produced by Susun Weed
Sponsored by Ash Tree Publishing

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Virtual Event May 1-10 2023

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Francesca De Grandis

A Shamanic Journey with Hypericum Perforatum
Francesca De Grandis
00:00 / 01:36

During this shamanic journey, Hypericum rituals help you heal your body and spirit. The energy of Hypericum will help you empower yourself, liberate yourself, and reach career goals, artistic goals, or other life goals.

Learn from Hypericum Perforatum experientially through new rituals, song, poetry, and fairytales. St. Joan’s wort will share their wisdom, powerful magic, and other strengths with you.

Expect down-to-earth mysticism such as a ceremony to heal inner wounds that can keep you from moving toward life goals as much as you want.

Expect joyful spirituality that helps you be in touch with your innate magic, beauty, and power. This joyful mysticism also helps you serve Gaia and all Her children.  


Francesca De Grandis, bestselling author of “Be a Goddess!,” is a shamanic teacher and healer. She works with you long-distance. Ms. De Grandis was trained from birth in a family tradition of European Faerie shamanism based in Italian and Celtic witchcraft. Her work combines Goddess mysticism with practical magic and a down-to-earth philosophy. 
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Produced by Susun Weed
Sponsored by Ash Tree Publishing

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