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Hypericum Conference
St. Joan's/John's Wort

Produced by Susun Weed
Sponsored by Ash Tree Publishing

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Virtual Event May 1-10 2023

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Lucretia Jones

Keeping Up with Joneswort
Lucretia Jones
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Keeping Up with Joneswort is a three part guide to creating relationship with Hypericum. My sweetheart and I began filming in May of 2022 at our land in southwest Virginia, just before summer solstice and before some major changes to the landscape.

Part one begins with the breath, finding stillness to hear hypericum’s message. We share a tour of hypericum blooming in May and June and sit with her in December just after the winter solstice.

The relationship deepens in the second video while collecting flowers and making infused oil and tincture. In part three, we sit with hypericum’s ability to walk through the fire by preparing a salve on the woodstove to share the medicine with our community.

She’s here

She’s there

She’s everywhere

Sunlight from the earth

For all to share


Lucretia has been working and learning with plants for over twenty years and was first introduced to the wise woman tradition while living an artist’s life in New York City. Her father had passed away three days prior to the World Trade Center collapse in 2001, and that uncertainty sent her on a quest to find more autonomy and connection with the natural world. Lucretia loves connecting people with plants. As a wise woman herbalist, her favorite times are spent meeting new and old plant friends wherever she happens to be. Sharing those relationships with other humans led her to create House of Lukaya in 2003. House of Lukaya, is a mobile and online source for offerings including plant medicine workshops, incense twists and other handicrafts, and a pocket Guide to Nourishing Herbal Infusions. Lucretia serves on the board of Herbalists Without Borders, an organization working to bring community together with herbal medicine. In 2019, she and her partner purchased land in central Virginia where they are building a homestead from scratch, experiencing and sharing the beauty of intentional living in tune with the Earth. Throughout several changes in lifestyle and location, the plants have remained a consistent presence in Lucretia’s life.

She welcomes your communication at her website, on Instagram @houseoflukaya, and at 

Lucretias Comfrey Conference presentation was:

Connecting with Comfrey

Whatever you might have heard about Comfrey, what has your experience shown you? 

In this three part video, I show and tell how I began answering that question for myself twenty years ago, and offer ways you can do the same. 
Books and second hand information can be helpful when getting to know a new plant, however, taking time to slow down, sit still and listen has always been my best guide. So, in part one, we begin by greeting the comfrey growing right outside our door. Breathing, listening, being with comfrey, what will we hear?
Making and drinking nourishing herbal infusions has been one of my simple lifestyle rituals since learning about them in 2003. In part two, join me in the kitchen as I take you step by step through making a comfrey leaf infusion and rebrew. Hear about the ways comfrey supports our well being as we build our homestead from scratch. 
Finally, in part three, we sit by the fire and make a salve with comfrey infused oil. The comfrey leaf within this oil has made quite the journey, from a root cutting nurtured in a pot in front of our DC apartment, to my mom’s back porch, into the ground at the place we call home. This salve will be a relief for bumps, bruises, and aching muscles. 

Comfrey, comfrey
Can you hear me?
Teach me how
To grow so fiercely
We both know
When life’s not easy
Your green leaves 
Are sure to please me

Produced by Susun Weed
Sponsored by Ash Tree Publishing

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