The Comfrey Conference

Time to End the Fear

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Virtual Event
May 9 - 15, 2022

Monica Giacomin

Comfrey to the rescue!

I've been growing comfrey for 25 years, harvesting the beautiful flowering stalks and hanging them in my dark drying-room-crawlspace which has hooks set up to dry them fully. I enjoy comfrey leaves as part of my infusion rotation every week, but I've also used comfrey for helping to heal broken bones...both externally as a poultice, oil and compress and internally as infusion, tincture and food. I also have comfrey root powder in my herbal first aid kit which I've successfully used for bleeding. I would be delighted to present my success stories as part of this conference!

Monica Giacomin is an educator, herbalist, weed activist, garden-keeper and perennial student. Along with her partner and two sons, she has crafted and cultivated “HERBS on the Side”, an Educational Botanical Sanctuary and home to over fifty medicinal plants. Monica has been teaching the curious how to identify, nurture, harvest and transform plants into food and medicine for the past three decades. She has studied extensively at the Wise Woman Centre with Susun Weed (1990-2021), completed the Advanced Herbal Training at Sage Mountain (2006), apprenticed at Alba Nueve in Costa Rica with Ed Bernhardt (2010), and graduated from the Community Herbalist Program at the Bellebuono School of Herbal Medicine (2018).

She enjoys sharing the "Wonder of Weeds" at every opportunity, including the International Herb Symposium (2021 & 2017) and the Women's Herb Conference (2010) in the U.S, and closer to home at Professional Development Conferences, Wellness Programs, College Outdoor Education Classes and at a variety of events promoting bio-diversity, health and/or herbalism. Her mission is to share the pleasure and benefits of herbs, and the joy of garden-keeping, as part of a wellness lifestyle that leads to optimal health for ALL of us, for the pollinators and especially for our generous Mother Earth!

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