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Hypericum Conference
St. Joan's/John's Wort

Produced by Susun Weed
Sponsored by Ash Tree Publishing

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Virtual Event May 1-10 2023

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Zarah Ackerwoman

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Living in Relationship with Hypericum
Zarah Ackerwoman
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What relationships do you hold near and dear to your heart? KweenZarah shares with you one of the greatest loves of her lifetime, Hypericum perforatum! Join her whimsical world to meet Hypericum, learn her oily secrets, and experience the joys and pleasures of picking flowers with the Hypericum Goddess herself. Zarah also shares an exclusive interview with Chrysolina quadrigemina, a being whose life depends on a deep relationship with this magical plant.


Zarah Ackerwoman (KweenZarah) has been in relationship with Hypericum perforatum since studying with Susun Weed in 2017. She is the founder and lead coordinator of the Detroit chapter of Herbalists Without Boarders (HWBDetroit) and works to share Wise Woman teachings and medicine as a community herbalist in the 313.


Find her and her plant collective allies on Instagram @millefoliumcollective and on her Etsy shop MillefoliumGoods

Produced by Susun Weed
Sponsored by Ash Tree Publishing

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